Our Mission & Vision

 A Transport Group with Excellence

 Our Core Value

 Teamwork, Innovation, Honesty, Pragmatism

 Group Logo

Literal Meaning : "Yang Ming " is transliterated from its two Chinese characters "." "Yang Ming" refers to the sun and lightness. "Yang" refers to the sun, whereas "Ming" is the combination of the sun and the moon and often denotes "brightness", "clarity" or "enlightenment."
Logo Meaning:
The logo is a square block shape integrated with our initials "YM". The "Y" stretches out from the bottom to the top, which signifies Yang Ming's endeavor for innovation. The "M" stands for grandeur, width and firmness, which implies that Yang Ming's employee teams work honestly and pragmatically for effective results. Our logo also delivers Yang Ming's core values of "Teamwork, Innovation, Honesty and Pragmaticism."
Corporate Key Colors :
The Red color implies Yang Ming's managing philosophy of sincere service.
The Grey color stands for Yang Ming's core values.

Teamwork-oriented: Grey is the mixture of black and white. It means successful work is done by the coordination and communication of mutual parties.
Innovative: Grey has the feeling of modern life and technology, which meet the spirit of innovation.
Honest and Pragmatic: Grey is a neutral color, not shining but also not so ignorable. Grey is a reliable color that embodies the pragmatic goals of doing the job right the first time.
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